Radiation dosimeter lowest pricing

Where can x-ray techs buy radiation dosimeters?

Where can x-ray techs buy radiation dosimeter service? Finding the right place to purchase radiation dosimeters can be challenging. As an x-ray tech or office manager, you balance the care of your patients and your staff. Therefore, you must consider three things when purchasing your radiation detection service.

Quality Technology

Not all  radiation dosimeter badges or radiation detection companies are equal- many companies will confuse you and tell you that they have “the Cadillac of dosimeters” or the ability to have an “instant measurement.” The truth is TLD technology is an older technology that some manufacturers are even abandoning. Getting the elements inside the badges is becoming more difficult because they are no longer being made. Others like instant reading on their badge when those dosimeter types can be challenging. If using this technology, ask your manufacturer for the published failure rate and how often the dosimeters are returned for breaking. Our OSL dosimeters use state-of-the-art technology. They are so durable that they are considered shockproof and water-resistant. The accuracy of the OSL radiation dosimeter helps the user stay within the guidelines published by OSHA.

Pricing for Dosimeter Service

Higher prices mean a better quality dosimeter badge service. NOT TRUE! As mentioned above, RadiationSafety.com has the best quality badges and our contracted NVLAP # 200666-0 certified lab. All certified labs must meet the high standards established while undergoing inspections. Many of the companies we are in competition with have purchased competitors and have created a gap in the market. Through the consolidation, they are trying to generate higher profits while not increasing the quality of their service or products. Search for our competitors’ prices just three years ago and how they have raised. Several dosimeter providers charge four times the lesser technology we offer.

Customer Service

Higher prices mean better service. AGAIN, NOT TRUE! At RadiationSafety.com, we will answer the phone or call you back on the same business day. As a healthcare worker, you can’t wait days or even weeks to answer questions. Our radiation dosimeter service is world-class; we want to prove it to you. So, where can x-ray techs buy radiation dosimeter service? Find out what others already know; RadiationSafety.com delivers on its promises. So call us today at 833-456-SAFE (7233)


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