Radiation Detection: Get the Lowest Price Dosimeter X-Ray Badge Now!

Lowest Price for Radiation Detection Badges and Dosimeter Rings.

Are you tired of paying too much? While our competitors are gradually increasing their prices, we have lowered our prices. Just because we have lower prices doesn’t mean we have cut back on service or the quality of our badges. Our radiation detection, x-ray, dosimeter rings, and badges are guaranteed at the lowest price.

Radiation Detection: Get the Lowest Price Dosimeter X-Ray Badge and Dosimeter Ring at the lowest price! Order your whole body OSL radiation detection badge today with Radiation Safety, Llc. Our radiation detection badges monitor X-ray, Gamma, and Beta radiation utilizing optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology.

OSL technology is the industry standard in many government and medical facilities. Our x-ray badges are processed using an InLight Reader exclusive to the OSL dosimetry badge. Dose reports are available online, and printed reports are mailed to your place of employment. Radiation detection reports are typically available online within 48 hours of the laboratory receiving your worn badges. Remember, with our dosimeter badges, your radiation dose reports are always free!

OSL radiation detection Dosimeter Badges Used in Radiology healthcare x-raysdosimeter badges are used for personnel, environmental spaces (area monitors), and emergency response monitoring. They are used in the following industries: dental, veterinary, hospital, urgent care, cath labs, first responders, and any job where someone needs to take X-rays.

Our X-ray dosimeter badges are small and comfortable to wear. They are also shockproof, water resistant, and not negatively affected by heat. Unlike many competitors, these X-ray badges can also be worn for extended wear periods because they fade insignificantly.

You choose the frequency you want your dosimeter badges to read. Pick monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual monitoring; the choice is yours! Our badges can read well below the standard ten mrem (0.10mSv); for usefulness, we encourage you not to go below the ten mrem as the badges are so accurate. Remember, our OSL technology is the industry standard for organizations demanding accuracy with the benefits of being re-readable.

Does a dose report look high? We have you covered! With OSL technology, dosimeter badges are re-readable.  Your badge can be re-read if a dose doesn’t look right or is flagged as a concern. (TLD does not have this capability) All radiation doses are stored and can be attained even years later. Order your OSL XBG Radiation Detection Badge today!