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Dosimeter badges, x-ray, and radiation detection badges at the lowest price guaranteed!

Dosimetry Badges at the Lowest Price

Dosimeter, x-ray, and radiation detection badges are guaranteed at the lowest price! Become OSHA compliant with our certified lab. OSL badges and rings. Our OSL radiation detection badges can help you become OSHA compliant! Our world-class customer service can help you become OSHA compliant with our certified lab in as little as 48 hours! At Radiation Safety, LLC, we developed the best-in-class dosimetry solutions. We provide dosimetry and radiation detection badges that are superior in quality and reliability. Our radiation detection badges use OSL technology far superior to the traditional TLD. We are committed to delivering radiation safety and dosimeter badge service at the best price while delivering “world-class” customer service. Remember, we can help you become OSHA compliant in as little as 48 hours! Call (833) 456-7233.

Accredited Lab

Is it possible to have low prices without compromising the occupational health of my employees’? Radiation Safety, LLC, the leader in the dosimeter badge industry, utilizes a fully accredited lab for OSL dosimeter badges, extremity rings, and fetal monitors. Our lab manufactures and monitors our client’s dosimeter badges in the USA. Our “state of the art” dosimeter lab does not compromise anything regarding the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Need to become compliant? Our radiation detection and dosimetry badges, fetal monitors, and extremity rings will help your office or practice become compliant in just a matter of hours. Give your employees peace of mind while protecting you from potential lawsuits.

dosimeter badge OSL x-ray safetyMany of our competitors claim to have the lowest radiation detection badge prices. Only radiationsafety.com publishes our rates and guarantees the lowest prices. Some competitors advertise lower prices online but add additional fees at checkout. Our pricing is transparent. Our pricing goes down with the more dosimeters, fetal monitors, or extremity rings you order. At Radiation Safety, you pay what you are quoted without hidden fee’s.

Why RadiationSafety.com?

Why radiationsafety.com for radiation detection and dosimetry badges? Because your safety is our priority! We were told we couldn’t save our clients money, provide them with a superior product and quick delivery. Well, Radiation Safety, LLC was able to do just that! We have negotiated the very best industry rate for radiation detection badges. WE WON’T BE UNDERSOLD. Our OSL dosimeter, x-ray, and radiation detection badges are the industry standard used by the government, hospitals, labs, and companies worldwide.

Other radiation monitoring companies have increased their prices while getting higher profits. Is your current lab delaying your shipments, being out of inventory, or raising your prices? Radiation Safety is committed to continuing to offer the industry standard in radiation detection badges while keeping our costs low, and WE HAVE INVENTORY! No excuses, only solutions. Join the thousands of customers who demand high quality, world-class customer service, and great value. Dosimeter, x-ray, and radiation detection badges are guaranteed at the lowest price! ORDER TODAY!


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Affordable Radiation Detection Badges

Affordable radiation detection badges without compromising safety.

radiation dosimeter badge OSL radiatoinsafety.com

OSL XBG Radiation Detection Badge

Dosimeter Badges, X-ray, and Radiation Detection Badges

Fetal Monitor

Dosimeter Badges, X-ray, and Radiation Detection Badges

TLD Ring Dosimeter

Simple to Use Radiation Detection, Dosimeter Badges

Are you looking for simple radiation detection, dosimeter badges that are easy to use and administrate in your office or business at the lowest price and easy to set up? At radiationsafety.com, we recognize the anxiety when starting a radiation detection program. We know to change or starting something new can be frightening. As a result, we have simplified the process for you and taken the stress out of it! Whether new to radiation monitoring badges or transferring from your current provider, your safety is our priority. We will walk you through each step of setting up your account and, if needed, moving your commutative reporting to radiationsafety.com.
If you have questions, email or call us. We are here to serve you!


Dosimeter Badges, X-ray, and Radiation Detection Badges


Radiation Safety, LLC is looking for qualified applicants to sell our products and help us deliver high quality detection service.

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What is ALARA

What is ALARA? You may have heard or seen ALARA and are unsure of its meaning. Regarding radiation doses, ALARA stands for “as low as reasonably achievable.” Radiationsafety.com is a radiation detection company that provides instruments for measuring radiation in the...

X-Ray, Gamma, and Beta Radiation Dosimeters

X-Ray, Gamma, and Beta Radiation Dosimeters

X-Ray, Gamma, and Beta Radiation Dosimeters for Medical Personnel Radiation exposure comes in various forms, including X-rays, gamma rays, and beta particles. Dosimeters used by medical professionals measure multiple types of ionizing radiation while keeping medical...

What Should I Know About Wearing a Dosimeter Badge? 

What Should I Know About Wearing a Dosimeter Badge?  There are proper ways to wear a dosimeter badge to ensure it functions properly. Dosimeter badges, like those from radiationsafety.com, monitor your radiation exposure, but only if worn correctly. So, what should...


What is dosimetry? Dosimetry is the process of measuring radiation. Multiple instruments are available that detect and measure the presence of radiation found in a laboratory, handheld, or worn, like a dosimeter badge or ring from RadiationSafety.com.   When ionizing...

What is OSL Dosimetry?

OSL, Advanced Technology for Radiation Measurement RadiationSafety.com utilizes OSL dosimetry in its radiation detection badges. OSL is optically stimulated luminescence; dosimetry is used to measure ionizing radiation dosages. It allows for measuring exposure to...

Where To Buy A Radiation Dosimeter?

Where can x-ray techs buy radiation dosimeters? Where can x-ray techs buy radiation dosimeter service? Finding the right place to purchase radiation dosimeters can be challenging. As an x-ray tech or office manager, you balance the care of your patients and your...

Tired of Dosimeter Badge Prices Going Up?

Radiation Safety can help you establish a radiation dosimeter program and become compliant with radiation safety requirements. Our service makes it simple to start or transfer from an existing lab. We ARE the most cost-effective solution and guarantee our prices for...

Dosimeter Badge Pricing

Dosimeter Badge Pricing. Most Labs Have Increased Their Prices! Dosimeter badge pricing goes up along with other medical device expenses. As a healthcare provider, you are going to feel it! Many factors are involved with the increase in the price of medical devices....

Radiation in Everyday Life

Radiation in Everyday Life

We Are Exposed to Natural Occurring Radiation        We are exposed to radiation in every life, in the simple things we do. By understanding where and what radiation is, you can implement tips to protect yourself against some of the hidden dangers.  There are two...

IAEA Ukraine

IAEA Ukraine

IAEA Ukraine According to the IAEA, things seem to have stabilized in Ukraine around the Zaporizhzya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). The four remote internal safeguards are still giving signals indicating the integrity of the reactors. However, the area is currently under...


Have Questions?

Are these standard radiation detection badges?

YES! Our OSL badges are THE industry standard. Our dosimeter badges are both durable and highly reliable. 

What are your regular office hours?

We typically have someone answering phones and emails  Monday-Saturday. If for some reason you do not get a representative, simply leave a message and someone will contact you shortly.

How soon can receive my dosimeter badges?

If you need badges immediately, simply order your badges online and select expedited shipping. Typically orders received before 11:00 am est can be sent from the lab FedEx within two business days. 

What should I do if I have been exposed to radiation?

Immediately call 911. 

How do I make changes to my account?

Call Radiation Safety, llc at 833-456-7233 or go to