Radiation Detection Badges for Dental Practices

Radiation Monitoring for Dental Offices

Radiation safety for dental offices with our OSL  dosimeter badges and easy-to-implement dosimeter services. Our dosimeter badges can help safeguard your employees from scatter radiation and your practice’s possible lawsuits. We take the hard work out of administrating radiation detection badges in your office. You will receive reports that are easy to read and allow you to maintain cumulative records. Many of our competitors are still offering old technology by using TLD badges. When the TLD badge is processed and read, it typically destroys the physical record once the dosimeter is read. With our OSL badges, you can keep the record. Radiation Safety, LLC offers dosimeter badges and radiation monitoring services to help keep your dental practice employees safedosimeter badges & radiation detection badges for dental practices

Radiation monitoring in dental offices shouldn’t be a nuisance for workers to wear, and they shouldn’t be challenging to use. We offer easy-to-use radiation badges, which can arrive in under three days.  Who should wear the OSL whole-body badge? We suggest all dental office employees using radiography equipment should be badged and monitored. Our dosimeter services will help you ensure employees don’t reach dangerous levels of radiation exposure. Give your staff peace of mind and protect yourself against possible lawsuits.

Here’s why our clients love Radiation Safety, LLC:

  • Our dosimeter badges are comfortable, easy to use, water-resistant, and accurate.
  • Our accredited lab monitors your staff’s radiation levels to ensure their safety.
  • Our radiation detection badges and monitoring start at $62 Per Year for quarterly monitoring. That’s about $5.00 a month!
  • Do you want to keep your practice safe and compliant? Then, order your dental practice dosimeter badges today!

Check out why you should use Radiation Safety, LLC as your dosimeter badge provider. Go to https://www.ada.org to learn about other best practices for dental practices.