How to Wear a Dosimeter Badge

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How to Wear OSL Radiation Detection Badges

How and when should a healthcare worker use a radiation detection monitor? OSL dosimeter badge, also called an x-ray badge or radiation detection badge measures the scatter radiation in the environment. The benefit of the OSL radiation detection badge is that it reads the radiation exposure of the individual assigned to the badge.

To wear the radiation detection badge properly, put the badge on the chest (preferably on the lapel or pocket). In most cases, only one radiation detection badge will be required. Always wear the dosimeter badge with the logo facing the radiation source. You can also place the badge on the neck or collar of your clothing, again keeping the logo facing the source.

If you wear safety garments like a lead apron during procedures (such as fluoroscopy), you should wear multiple badges. Wear one badge under the protective garment, between the waist and the chest area (around the belt). Wear another dosimeter badge on the collar outside of the protective garment. In addition, we would recommend wearing a TLD ring under protective gloves during a fluoroscopy procedure.  In all cases, check with your RSO. 

A fetal monitor should also be worn when a staff member suspects or declares she is pregnant. To properly wear a fetal monitor, the user should wear the radiation detection badge over the abdomen where the fetus is located. Make sure you continue to wear the badge or badges you normally would wear. Remember the addition of the fetal monitor is specific to measuring the radiation for the fetus and not the staff person. The fetal monitors are important because the fetus has a dose limit of 500 mrem. Order your fetal monitor today at the guaranteed lowest price!fetal monitor

If you are pregnant, it is essential to notify your RSO immediately and follow the protocols given. The fetal monitor should be exchanged monthly. The service should be completed when you depart for maternity leave and a dose report should be issued.