Tired of Dosimeter Badge Prices Going Up?

Tired of your dosimeter badge prices going up every year? Radiation Safety can help you establish a radiation dosimeter program and comply with radiation safety requirements. And what’s better?  Our service makes it siDosimeter Badge Cost-effective Solution | Radiation Safetymple to start or transfer from an existing lab. We ARE the most cost-effective solution and guarantee our prices for three years from the start date of your initial order! Our OSL dosimeter badges cost is worth your penny as they adhere to the industry standard and are the highest quality available and offer multiple solutions to your needs. We can serve a practice of one to a hospital chain of 1000. We do all types of industries and will help you be successful.

Our radiation detection badges are shockproof and water resilient. Small and stay out of the way while you do your work. They are ready to use as soon as they arrive. To further simplify the process, we offer our state-of-the-art “mydosereport” to read reports, make changes to your account and monitor the next set of dosimeter badges. Unlike many competitors, we do not charge hidden or excessive fees. Our team is ready to help you!

Call or email if we answer the phone or respond on the same business day. We will prove that our service is world-class and our team cares. So if you’re worried about dosimeter cost, we’re here to ease your worries away. Whatever your radiation detection needs, let us help you with the best service and the lowest dosimeter badge price. We guarantee! Call us today at 833-456-7233. 


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