Why Radiation Safety?

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Why Radiation Safety for Dosimeter Service?

Why use Radiation Safety for dosimeter service? We offer four-element OSL Dosimeter BadgesExtremity Rings, and Fetal Monitors at the lowest price!  Many dosimeter providers tell you they are the best, but only Radiation Safety LLC guarantees our lowest price for three years! We have the most accurate technology. We are a Women Owned Small Business and have been in the medical industry cumulatively for over 80 years. 

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We Are a Women Owned Small Business.

Radiation Safety is committed to making dosimeter monitoring more equitable for small companies as well as large corporations. By keeping our prices low and helping slow the curve of  inflated pricing we are making it affordable for every practice and every business. Some of our competitors have increased their prices while failing to maintain quality service; some of our competitors have increased their prices by over 100% in the last three years. Other of competitors still use the Panasonic TLD radiation detection badge; Panasonic abandoned the dosimeter market several years ago. You are paying too much if you pay more than $62.00 a year for quarterly dosimeter monitoring! 

Radiation Safety, llc will always provide the highest quality four-element OSL Dosimeter Badge that remains the industry standard. Many competitors have gone to OSL but only offer the inferior three-element dosimeter. As you are checking on pricing ask which dosimeter is more accurate the three or four-element dosimeter.

If needed, our fully certified lab can send dosimeter badges in as little as 48 hours! We strive to maintain the lowest prices while maintaining concierge-level service for our clients. In the dosimetry and radiation monitoring badges category, there are various products available. One such product is the OSL Radiation Dosimeter Compliance Badge, specifically designed for whole-body dosimetry assessment. This badge is equipped with four elements and has a minimal reportable dose of 10 mrem (.10 mSv). Its purpose is to monitor the occupational exposure of individuals working with radiation. By wearing this badge, individuals can ensure that the dose they receive remains within the allowable Dose Limits.

We are committed to you! Your safety is our priority! Call us today and speak to a friendly and knowledgeable professional.