Dosimeter Badges for Veterinarians

Dosimeter Badges for Veterinarians

Veterinary whole body dosimetry badge to protect staff from ionizing radiation exposure by using OSL dosimeters. Become OSHA compliant with fast delivery. Veterinary offices use x-ray machines daily. The scatter radiation emitted from these machines can go through unlined walls and have a devastating impact over a period of time. Radiation Safety, LLC offers veterinary radiation badges and dosimetry services to keep you safe while you take care of pets.

Stay safe. Order your dosimeter badges for your veterinary practice today! Radiation Safety for veterinary practices should start with knowing the basics and the hidden dangers of radiation exposure. When vets and staff use equipment to capture x-ray images of animals, wearing a dosimeter badge is an essential step in the process.

Easy to Set Up and Get Started!

Using veterinary radiation, dosimetry badges shouldn’t be complicated. At Radiation Safety, LLC, we offer OSL dosimeter badges for veterinarians that are easy to use and keep an accurate exposure record. Domestic and international veterinary clinics trust us to keep them safe. Our dosimetry service gives peace of mind to the employees and the practice owner by providing best-in-class customer service and accurate radiation detection badges.

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Order your dosimeter badges for veterinarians—monitored by an accredited lab for less than the cost of one latte a month.


Get your badges and protect your employees in as little as two days.

  • Our veterinary radiation badges are accurate.
  • Our dosimeter badges for veterinarians are convenient to use, comfortable to wear, and resistant to most fluids.
  • Not affected by heat.
  • Little fade.