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Dosimeter Fetal Monitor Badge In Under 48 Hours!


Dosimeter Fetal Monitor Badge

Get your radiation dosimeter fetal monitor badge in under 48 hours!  Call radiationsafety.com today and order your badge. We know if you think you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, monitoring your radiation exposure is essential. Who should wear a fetal monitor? The OSL fetal dose monitor should be worn by anyone who is or may be pregnant. In addition to the whole body badge regularly worn, the fetal monitor is for the safety of the fetus. When wearing a fetal badge, it should be exchanged monthly. Confirm with your radiation safety officer (RSO)  when you think you may be pregnant. Ensure you wear the fetal monitor on the front of the abdomen with the logo facing the radiation source. Badges should be turned in monthly until the worker leaves for maternity leave. Again, check with your RSO for guidelines and questions and go to the CDC website.

Managing dosimetry service is made easy with the OSL Fetal Badge, thanks to its online portal access. Users can conveniently access and oversee their dosimetry records and information. Moreover, the dosimeters are small and lightweight, allowing for comfortable wear without causing inconvenience or discomfort. The OSL Fetal Badge maintains accuracy within +/- 1 mrem, ensuring that the reported doses are highly precise. Furthermore, these dosimeters are environmentally stable, making them resilient and capable of withstanding day-to-day activities. Longevity is another advantage the OSL Fetal Badge provides, as it offers minimal fade and longer wear periods. This ensures that users can depend on the dosimeters for extended periods without losing accuracy or reliability. The OSL Fetal Badge caters to various energy levels thanks to its wide dynamic energy range. This flexibility allows for effective monitoring across different settings and scenarios. Additionally, the electronically captured and saved dosimeter response data enables thorough dose investigations when needed. Flexibility and transparency in terms of fees are significant advantages of the OSL Fetal Badge. Users have control over additional fees, with no maintenance or set-up charges. Furthermore, the OSL Fetal Badge provides flexible wear period options, accommodating individual needs and preferences. Timeliness is prioritized in the OSL Fetal Badge service, as reports are provided 5-7 business days after the badge’s receipt. This ensures that users receive essential information promptly. Users only pay for their service, making it a cost-effective choice. The OSL Fetal Badge offers enhanced security and traceability with individual bar-coded dosimeters and chain of custody serial numbers. This allows for easy identification and tracking of each dosimeter.

The reports generated by the OSL Fetal Badge are highly accurate. This radiation badge consists of four elements and has a minimal reportable dose of 10 mrem (.10 mSv). The dosimeters used in the badge are precise within a margin of +/- 1 mrem. However, it is important to note that doses below 10 mrem are generally unreported. The reason for this is that at extremely low levels of exposure, there is a potential for false results. Hence, the threshold of 10 mrem is mandated by regulations governing the industry and serves as the level at which reporting is required.

For pregnant workers, it is essential to know that high doses (more than 50 rads) of radiation can be harmful. Radiation exposure as early as two weeks can have an impact on the development of the fetus. Radiation exposure has been linked to intellectual and physical disabilities. Therefore, monitoring should begin when the employee considers getting pregnant and continue until they depart for maternity leave. Radiation monitoring with a fetal monitor is essential throughout the entire pregnancy. Order your fetal monitor today at the lowest price and receive it in 48 hours!