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Dosimeter Fetal Monitor In Under 48 Hours!


Dosimeter Fetal Monitor

Get your radiation dosimeter fetal monitor in under 48 hours. Call today and order your badge. We have a fast response time because you’re concerned about your fetus receiving dangerous radiation. Who should wear a fetal monitor? The OSL fetal dose monitor should be worn by anyone who is or may be pregnant. In addition to the whole body badge regularly worn, the fetal monitor is for the safety of the fetus. When wearing a fetal badge, it should be exchanged monthly. Confirm with your radiation safety officer (RSO)  when you think you may be pregnant. Ensure you wear the fetal monitor on the front of the abdomen with the logo facing the radiation source. Badges should be turned in monthly until the worker leaves for maternity leave. Again, check with your RSO for guidelines and questions and go to the CDC website.

For pregnant workers, it is essential to know that high doses (more than 50 rads) of radiation can be harmful. Radiation exposure as early as two weeks can have an impact on the development of the fetus. Radiation exposure has been linked to intellectual and physical disabilities. Therefore, monitoring should begin when the employee considers getting pregnant and continue until they depart for maternity leave. Radiation monitoring with a fetal monitor is essential throughout the entire pregnancy. Order your fetal monitor today at the lowest price and receive it in 48 hours!