radiation dosimeter rings

Radiation Extremity Dosimeter Ring

Safeguard Yourself from Scatter Radiation

Radiation Safety, LLC offers radiation extremity dosimeter rings that will help safeguard employees. The Saturn extremity dosimeter ring is perfect for employees who work close to ionizing radiation sources (for example, NOMAD devices or mail that goes through an X-ray machine). The extremity dosimeter ring provides accurate dose reports (minimum reportable dose of 10 mrem). Our extremity dosimeters can be worn in either wet or dry conditions. By design, our dosimeter rings are very durable and have a stylish design. Cleaning is easy because there are no edges, and it won’t puncture gloves. Each ring is labeled for the individual user and should not be shared among employees. Our Saturn dosimeter ring is attractive and comfortable for the user and offers a flexible fit.

Just like with our whole-body radiation detection badges, reports are submitted based on the frequency chosen by the employee or the RSO. The radiation exposure report is free of charge and will be sent in digital form. Hard copies of your reports are also mailed to the employer or RSO on record. Our radiation detection lab works hard to make the digital formats of the forms available within 48 hours of receiving the rings from the lab. Your replacement ring(s) will be sent in an envelope approximately two weeks before the current wear period ends. When new rings arrive, put the used rings in an envelope provided and send them to our lab. The extremity dosimeter rings are ideal for staff operating in areas where radiation exposure is focused on hands or fingers. When ordering, please specify on which hand it will be worn.