Dosimeter Badge Service for Medical and Industry

Personal Dosimeter Service

Radiation Safety, LLC offers personal dosimeter badge service for medical and industry uses. We have partnered with one of the leading labs in the country to provide the industry standard OSL dosimeter badges while offering excellent customer service. Our pricing is the lowest in the market. We recognize that many radiation detection companies are making record profits while lowering customer service. Our competitors increase their prices while we are committed to keeping them low. Become OSHA compliant, and know the ionizing radiation guidelines.

We have special pricing for government contracts, hospitals, and schools. Call us and ask how you can get bulk pricing well below our competitors.

Contact us at (833) 456-7233, and let us prove that your safety is our priority!


Personal Radiation Dosimeter Badges and Rings

Call us for exclusive pricing for government, hospitals and education facilities. Let us help you determine the right dosimeter badge or dosimeter extremity ring.

Dosimeter Badges for Dental Practices

Protect your dental practice and your staff by providing dosimeter badges for your employees.

Dosimeter Badges for Industrial Radiation Protection

Various industrial jobs expose employees to radiation.

Dosimeter Badges for Imaging Centers

Protect your employees from daily exposure to ionizing radiation.

radiation in vet medicine

Dosimeter Badges for Veterinarians

Protect your practice with dosimeter badges.

Dosimeter Badges for Hospitals

Special pricing for hospitals and government contacts.

Dosimeter Badges for Laboratories & Testing Facilities

Testing facilities use radiation detection badges to protect their employees.

first responders

Dosimeter Badges for Govt. & First Responders

Passive radiation detection for first responders.


Dosimeter Badges for Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear facility workers are more prone to radiation exposure.