Dosimeter Badge Pricing. Most Labs Have Increased Their Prices!

Dosimeter badge pricing goes up along with other medical device expenses. As a healthcare provider, you are going to feel it! Many factors are involved with the increase in the price of medical devices. Severe bottlenecks in the global supply chain significantly impact the medical device industry, particularly in sky-high prices for shipping, raw materials, and a severe shortage of shipping containers in Asia. Despite the global bottlenecks, will continue to offer radiation detection badges at an affordable price.

The overall health insurance index is calculated by aggregating nine index products according to their weights. During this time, supply remains in the prescription drug sample, and any price change is reflected in the prescription drug index. For example, Medicare is responsible for one-third of the reimbursement weight in the health insurance index, and half of Medicare spending goes to pay for medical services. For non-priced months, the last collected price for each offer is carried over for use in the current month’s index. For Part D, prices are based on total gross expenses, including Medicare, Plan, and Beneficiary expenses. Still, they do not reflect manufacturer discounts and discounts on plans as they are considered copyrighted and, therefore, not publicly available.

Dosimeter badge pricing goes up. keeps prices low. has committed NOT to increase prices for three years from your service start date.

Although insurance premiums are essential to consumers’ medical spending, the CPI does not directly assess health insurance. Medical device prices have risen by an average annual rate of 0.4 percent, compared to the 2.4 percent increase in the consumer price index (CPI) and the rise in the Medical Care Consumer Price Index (MC-CPI) of 4.1 percent. These are all factors leading to increased costs for dosimeters and other medical devices. However, in 2021 many dosimeter companies saw their highest sales and profits due to smaller companies being sold. Consolidation in the dosimeter badge market has also played a significant factor in increasing prices.

Dosimeter Labs See the Largest Increase in Profits!

All medical devices, including dosimeter badges, have been impacted by increasing prices. Dosimeter badge prices are going up, and companies are raising prices. Large dosimeter companies are making more money than ever before. Across the board, radiation detection providers such as Landauer, Radiation Detection Company, Mirion,, and others have significantly raised their pricing. When we spoke with one of our competitors and asked, “why are you increasing the prices so much” the answer was, “the market will bear it.” That may be the case, but we know many medical practices do everything possible to keep pricing down while maintaining their services. Our prices are guaranteed for three years once you start service with us. We have no deceptive pricing (like giving the price of one quarter when you probably need the badge for an entire year). There are no hidden fees nor gauging of our partners trying to protect their staff. provides dosimeter badges and dosimeter rings at the lowest price. We guarantee your price for three years.


Prices are rising–healthcare isn’t far behind | McKinsey


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