Dosimeter Badges for Hospitals

Dosimeter Badges for Hospitals

Dosimeter Badges for Hospitals
Finding the correct dosimeter badges for hospitals can be confusing. Hospital workers worldwide get exposed to radiation—how are you monitoring their exposure to ensure they stay safe? While they’re busy helping their patients, it’s essential to monitor the radiation levels of the staff. Dosimeter badges for hospital workers can help monitor their exposure to harmful radiation.

Radiation Safety, LLC offers dosimeter badges for hospital employees and monitoring services from our accredited lab to keep employees safe while caring for their patients. Stay safe—Order your dosimeter badges for hospital workers today!
Radiation Safety for Hospitals From routine x-rays to CT scans, hospital workers rely on radiography to do their jobs and help their patients. Still, they get exposed to radiation when performing imaging services to patients.

Hospitals have to use radiography equipment—there’s no way around it. But, the workers shouldn’t have to worry about their levels of radiation exposure. Dosimeter badges for hospital workers monitor their radiation exposure to ensure it doesn’t get to a harmful level.

Radiation Badges & Dosimetry Services for hospitals shouldn’t be overly complicated or affect employees’ work. Radiation Safety, LLC carries only the best hospital dosimetry badges—they are accurate and easy to use. We will work with your RSO to make the transition seamless and easy. We will offer reports for exposure as well as NRC Form 5.

Both domestically and internationally, hospitals trust OSL technology, which is the industry standard for most hospitals.  Call us and find out how much money we can save your hospital while providing excellent customer service to your employees.

Dosimeter badges for hospitals

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How are you monitoring your hospital employees’ radiation levels? Order your hospital radiation badges, and get them in as little as two days!