Dosimeter Badges and dosimeter rings are used for industrial uses and play an important part in worker safety. Anywhere that x-rays or ionizing radiation is used, workers have the potential of being exposed. Over the course of their career, workers can accumulate dangerous levels of radiation. Cumulative radiation can have a devastating impact on their bodies.  It’s crucial to provide your staff with dosimeter badges and have them monitored by an accredited dosimeter lab. Radiation Safety offers industrial radiation protection by utilizing OSL dosimetry badges (known for their accuracy and quality), which are simple to use.
Stay safe—Order dosimeter badges for your workers and give them the radiation monitoring they deserve. There are many industrial uses for radiation, and oftentimes workers aren’t even aware that they are receiving potentially harmful levels of scatter radiation exposure.

Shipyard Dosimeter Badge

Side View Of Welder Welding Container Ship

Common uses of radioactive materials in industrial settings include:

  • Material density evaluation
  • Quality control
  • Product sterilization.
  • Static elimination
  • Mail processing
  • Welding

Radiation sources used in these processes include sealed-source radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines. Any workers around these (or any other) radiation-emitting processes need to wear dosimeter badges or extremity rings for industrial radiation protection to stay safe and OSHA compliant. Industrial Radiation Protection Badges & Dosimetry Services Keeping track of radiation exposure in an industrial setting is essential to the livelihood of your workers and business, and it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Radiation Safety OSL dosimeter badges for industrial radiation protection are accurate, easy to use, and monitored by our accredited lab to keep your employees protected and your business OSHA compliant. Why Choose Radiation Safety, LLC for Industrial Radiation Protection Badges and Dosimeter Rings?

Our clients across the globe trust us for their industrial radiation protection dosimetry badge and monitoring needs. Here’s why:

  • Get your radiation badges fast and your quarterly reports even faster.
  • Quarterly monitoring of our OSL dosimeter badges by our accredited lab costs $62 each year.
  • Customize badges, change users, or cancel your services at any time.

How are you monitoring radiation exposure levels? Order your industrial radiation protection dosimetry badges today!